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J105 Crystal Fast Charging Mini Power Bank (10000mAh)

Description : - Fast Charging 22.5W - Support PD3.0 / QC3.0 / QC2.0 - 99% USB Charging digital de..

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B15-8000 Type-C Power Bank

1. Capacity: 8000mAh ;2. Input: micro: DC5V 2.0A MAX Type-c: DC5V 2.0A MAX, output: USB: DC5V2.1A Ty..

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B24-30000 Pawker Power Bank

1. Capacity: 30000mAh;2. Battery: Lithium polymer;3. Size: 175*105*20mm;4. Weight: 450g;5. Input: 5V..

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B25-10000 Hanbeck Power Bank

1. Capacity: 10000mAh;2. Battery: Lithium polymer;3. Size: 150*72*10mm;4. Weight: 186g;5. Input: 5V/..

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B31 Rege Power Bank (20000mAh)

1. Capacity: 20000mAh2. Battery: 186503. Size: 145*82*23mm; Weight: 330g4. Input: 5V/2A5. Output: US..

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B31A Rege Power Bank (30000mAh)

1. Capacity: 30000mAh2. Battery: 186503. Size: 160*82*23mm; Weight: 415g4. Input: 5V/2A5. Output: US..

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B31C Sharp Mobile Power Bank (5200mAh)

1. Capacity: 5200mAh 19.24Wh2. Input: Micro DC5V/1.0A3. Output: USB1/2 DC5V/1.0A Total output: DC5V/..

RM49.00 Ex Tax: RM49.00

B32 Energetic Wireless Power Bank

1. Capacity: 8000mAh2. Battery: Lithium polymer 3. SIze: 145*71*17mm; Weight: 200g4. Input: Typ..

RM125.00 Ex Tax: RM125.00

B34 Outstanding Series Mobile Power Bank(8000mAh)

1. Cell capacity: 8000mAh2. Input: Micro-USB: 5V/2.0A Max Type-C: 5V/2.0A Max3. Output: USB1/2:DC5V/..

RM69.00 Ex Tax: RM69.00

B35 Entourage Mobile Power Bank(2600mAh)

1. Capacity: 2600mAh2. Size: 93*24mm; Weight: 62g3. Input: 5V/1A4. Output: 5V/1A5. Material: ABS+PC ..

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B35B Entourage Mobile Power Bank (8000mAh)

1. Capacity: 8000mAh, 29.6Wh2. Input: Micro-USB DC5V/2.0A3. Output: USB1/2 DC5V/2.1A MAX Total outpu..

RM69.00 Ex Tax: RM69.00

B36 Wooden Mobile Power Bank ( 13000mAh )

1. Capacity: 13000mAh; 48.1Wh2. Input: DC5V/2.0A MAX3. Output: USB1/USB2: DC5V/2A MAX4. Material: AB..

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B39 Magic Stone PD Power Bank

1. Capacity: 30000mAh 99Wh (3.3V)2. Support fast charging PD / QC3.0 / QC2.0, Huawei fast charge FCP..

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DB04 Large Capacity Four USB Power Bank (30000mAh)

1. Capacity: 30000mah2. Input: Micro /Type-C /Lightning 5V/2A;3. Output: USB 5V/2A4. Digital display..

RM178.00 Ex Tax: RM178.00

DB07A Large Screen Power Bank

1. Capacity: 20000mAh2. Enter Micro/USB Cable :5V/2A3. Output: USB:5V/2A;Lightning/Type-C/Micro:5V/2..

RM148.00 Ex Tax: RM148.00