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CA68 Sagittarius Series Double Air Outlet Magnetic Car Holder

1. Material: PC + ABS + silicone2. Surface technology: carbon fiber + sun grain3. Size: 110 * 80 * 8..

RM55.00 Ex Tax: RM55.00

CA9 Magnetic Metal Vehicle Mounted Mobile Holder

1. The magnetic disk is 35mm in diameter and 37mm in height;2. The stand is made through the process..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

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CA94 Polaris Push-Type Air Outlet Car Holder

1, Material: ABS2. Surface technology: mould texture + pasting3. Size: 110*70*105mm4. Weig..

RM30.00 Ex Tax: RM30.00

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CA95 Polaris push-type telescopic suction cup car holder

1, Material: ABS2. Surface technology: mould texture + pasting3. Size: 170*70*110mm4. Weight: 165g5...

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

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CAD01 Easy-Lock Car Mount Phone Holder

1.Material:ABS++ silicone2.Surface technology:Sunburn3.Size:172*107*108MM4.Weight:146g5.Chuck range:..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

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Cooling Mobile Phone Holder

1, Material: ABS2, Size: 152*94*42mm, Weight: 200g3, Battery capacity: 2000mAh, battery life: 2-2.5 ..

RM85.00 Ex Tax: RM85.00

CW37 Thorough 2-in-1 Stand with Wireless Fast Charging

1, input: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2A2. Mobile phone: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W (Magsafe output 7.5W); headphone outp..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00

DCA17 Armor Suction Cup Car Holder

1. Size: 125*110*150mm2. Clamp: 55-93mm3. Applicable: 4-7 inch mobile phone4. Weight: 180g..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

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1. Material: aluminum alloy2. Size: 105*77*130mm3. Adaptation: 4.7-7.3 inch equipment..

RM59.00 Ex Tax: RM59.00

DH08 stand for iPad 10.2 inch

1. Material: Sheath: PC+TPU                 Base: ABS+A..

RM188.00 Ex Tax: RM188.00

GM2 Winner Phone Holder

1. Product size: 167*117*48mm2. Product net weight: 100g3. Product material: injection molding4. Sui..

RM55.00 Ex Tax: RM55.00

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PH15 Aluminum Alloy Table Stand

1. Material: ABS + aluminum alloy + silicone2. Surface technology: sandblasting oxidation3. Size: 10..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00

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PH17 Charm Push-Type Air Outlet Car Aromatherapy

1. Material: zinc alloy2. Surface technology: electroplating3. Size: 61.7*20.8*41.4mm, weight: 63g4...

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00

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PH19 Mysterious Multi-Function Magnetic Holder

1. Material: ABS + silicone2. Surface technology: sun pattern + highlight3. Size: 48*28*10.3mm; tota..

RM19.00 Ex Tax: RM19.00

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PH21 Aluminum Hidden Stop Sign

1. Material: aluminum alloy + PC2. Surface technology: sunburn + oxidation3. Size: 105*34*15mm4. Wei..

RM28.00 Ex Tax: RM28.00