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DES11 Happy Color Wireless BT Headset

1. Bluetooth: V5.1 JL AC69692. Battery capacity: Charging compartment: 180mAh, left and right ears 3..

RM118.00 Ex Tax: RM118.00

DES28 Crystal True Wireless Stereo Headset

Description : - Battery capacity : 220mAh +30mAh. - Use Time : Talk time 3 hours / Music time ..

RM168.00 Ex Tax: RM168.00

DES88 Treasure Digital Wireless BT Headset

1. Bluetooth version :V5.0 Jerry AC69732. Battery capacity: charging bin :300mAh, left and right ear..

RM178.00 Ex Tax: RM178.00

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DES89 True Wireless Stereo Headset

"1, Bluetooth 5.1; Chip: JL  AC69732. Battery capacity: charging compartment 300mAh, earphone 3..

RM199.00 Ex Tax: RM199.00

DI02 Desired Wired Mini Microphone

1. DC3.5 interface To straight plug connection Karaoke, live streaming, microphone2. Functions: dire..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00


1. Headphone type: In-ear2. Speaker: 10mm2. Interface: 3.5mm,3. Cable length: 1.2m4. Microphone: con..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

E55 Flicker Unilateral Wireless Headset (With Charging Case)

1. Material: ABS2. Size: L50*W29*H25mm; total weight; 20g3. Bluetooth 5.0; Bluetooth chip: JL4. Batt..

RM89.00 Ex Tax: RM89.00

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E57 Essential Business BT Headset

1. Material: ABS2. Size: L71×W26×H16mm; Net weight: 10g3. Bluetooth 4.2, chip: BK4. Battery capacity..

RM59.00 Ex Tax: RM59.00

EQ1 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Bluetooth 5.3 Touch Control Headsets

Product description:1. Bluetooth specification Bluetooth V5.3 Jerry AC6983D2Support protocol Headset..

RM79.00 Ex Tax: RM79.00

EQ2 Thought true wireless BT headset Voice Assistant Activation Series

Description : 1. Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth v5.3 2. Battery Indicator: LED 3. Communication:..

RM79.00 Ex Tax: RM79.00

ES33 Mirth Sports Wireless Earphones

1. Bluetooth specification Bluetooth V5.0 JL6936D; support protocol Headset Hands-free A2DP Avrcp3. ..

RM99.00 Ex Tax: RM99.00

ES40 Genial TWS Wireless Headset

1.Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth V5.0 JL6936D2.Headset charging time is about 1 hour.Charging ca..

RM199.00 Ex Tax: RM199.00

ES41 Clear Sound TWS Wireless Headset

1. Bluetooth version: 5.0; Bluetooth chip: JL6936D2. Battery capacity: charging case 400mAh, single ..

RM159.00 Ex Tax: RM159.00

ES51 Era Sports Wireless Earphones

1. Material: ABS2. The earphones cable is 90cm long, weight: 21g3. Bluetooth version: 5.0, chip: JL4..

RM59.00 Ex Tax: RM59.00

ES54 Gorgeous TWS Wireless BT Headset

1. Bluetooth version: 5.0, chip: JL AC69762. Battery capacity: charging compartment 300mAh, headset ..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00