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Product Code: U9 Micro

1. Length: 2m, Weight: 55g;

2. Support 1A/2A common standard charging current, and overload current of 2.4A; support and withstand 5V, 9V, and 12V conventional DC voltage output load of chargers;

3. Suitable for intelligent device with the micro USB interface;

4. May realize charging and data transfer at the same time;

5. The charging point is equipped with charge indicator;

6. Zinc alloy housing, pearl chrome plating;

7. Double-layer design, its inner layer is made from the aluminum foil and the outer layer is made from the transparent PVC material;

8. Ladder joint design, compatible with the protective housing;

9. Varnished wire (47/0.08TC+250D)*2C +(16/0.08TC+250D)*2C.

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