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Aroma Pursue Portable Mini Humidifier

1. Material: ABS / PC / metal2. Size: 82 * 82 * 151mm; weight: 180g3.Water tank capacity: 320ml Spra..

RM89.00 Ex Tax: RM89.00

Clear Fantasy Phone Waterproof Bag (Fluorescent Models)

1. Material: TPU+ABS Size: 105*200mm Weight: 56g2. Capacitance screen mobile phones can not operate ..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

Cooling Sun Protected Arm Sleeve

1. Fabric: Nylon+spandex;2. Length: 38cm; jacquard logo;3. Using the sectional, V-type textile techn..

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

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CP12 Double Layer Wheat Smell Cup

1, Size: 68*195mm, Weight: 134g2, Capacity: 380ml3, Material: straw + rice husk + food grade PP4, ca..

RM15.00 Ex Tax: RM15.00

CP13 Lucky Loop Glass Cup

1.Material:ABS+Silicone+borosilicate glass Electroplated cup lid.Silicone handle2. Size: 6.5*6.3*20 ..

RM28.00 Ex Tax: RM28.00

CP9 Wheat Flavor Cup

1, Size: 65*180mm, Weight: 113g2, Capacity: 400ml3, Material: straw + rice husk + food grade PP + si..

RM15.00 Ex Tax: RM15.00

DH03 Car Back Seat Small Table

1. Material:PC+metal2. Size:340*300*40mm3. Weight:1200g4. Product load bearing: less than 10KG..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00

DI01 USB Computer Camera

1. SONIX built-in wheat 1080P Full Function WEBCAM  program2. Master control:Photosensitive Sen..

RM110.00 Ex Tax: RM110.00

DI05 BT Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set

1. Interface type: Bluetooth 3.02. Wireless distance: 10m3. Materials: ABS4. Applicable system: Blue..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00

DI06 USB Web Camera

1. Chip: Sonix 2279,2. Sensor: Grid micro 2063,1/3,3. Lens standard: 4 megapixels,2K built-in MAC dr..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00

DI10 Smart Camera

1. Main control: Haisi 3518 docking graffiti intelligent APP,2. Sensor :2063, 1/4, 2 megap..

RM238.00 Ex Tax: RM238.00


1. CPU: Lingtong 12352. Sensor: GC1054,720P3. Lens: 1G3P, 90 degree large light angle; Video pixels:..

RM138.00 Ex Tax: RM138.00


1. Clean use of earphone products ..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

DL01 Magnetic Sound Control Atmosphere Light Lamp

1. Battery capacity: 300mah Charging time: about one hour2. Input: 5V/1A3. Working hours: 4-6 hours4..

RM49.00 Ex Tax: RM49.00

DL02 USB Laser Ambient Light Lamp

1. Power: 100MW2. Lighting: Red/purple optional3. Weight: 49g..

RM58.00 Ex Tax: RM58.00