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BK5 Cantando Karaoke Microphone

1. Material: ABS2. Size: 79*79*270mm, weight: 412g3. Speaker diameter: 57mm, power 5W4. Bluetooth so..

RM99.00 Ex Tax: RM99.00

BK7 Cute Karaoke Microphone

1, Material: ABS2. Size: L104*W104*H208mm; Weight: 328g3. Speaker diameter: 52mm, power 5W4. Bluetoo..

RM109.00 Ex Tax: RM109.00

BK8 Cool Hi K Song Microphone

1. Size: 76*73*218mm; weight: 330g2. Bluetooth 5.0; Chip: Mountain View DSP3. Speaker unit: 52mm*2; ..

RM199.00 Ex Tax: RM199.00

DI02 Desired Wired Mini Microphone

1. DC3.5 interface To straight plug connection Karaoke, live streaming, microphone2. Functions: dire..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00

DI02 Lightning Bluetooth Mobile Microphone

1. Material: TPE high elastic flat wire with enameled wire2. Bluetooth: V5.0 JL3. Line length: 1.2m4..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00

DI02 Type-C Mobile Microphone

1. Material: TPE high-elastic wire with enameled wire.2. Line length: 1.2m.3. Weight: 10g;4. Audio i..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00