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Product Code: U19 3 in 1 Charging Cable

1. Length: 1.2m, Weight: 27g

2. Outer cladding: TPE wire drawing, maximum 2A current, not supporting data transmission

3. Wire core: 47/0.08TC*2C OD1.8mm*4

4. Two sections of separated type charging cable, with the main section of spring cable that reaches 1.2m after it is stretched, and the extension section is a 20cm 3-in-1 (Lightning-connector+Type-C+Micro USB) multipurpose charging cable, to be compatible with more smart phones

5. The main section with magnetic disc charging base, with 3 high-sensitivity elastic charging contacts to connect the extension section and main section for charging, not requiring plugging or unplugging the phone, and absorbing them freely for charging1. Length: 1.2m, Weight: 27g

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